Welcome to the New Face of PR

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With so many digital communications options out there, how can a company cut through the clutter and get its message where it needs to go?

Enter the new face of public relations.

No longer just about press releases and media pitches, today’s PR practitioners are relationship, brand and image builders. We help companies “do more with more,” using multi-platform strategies to achieve the results they’re after.

It’s no secret that the media landscape isn’t what it used to be. For businesses looking to promote their products and services, it is actually much more than it once was.

Every media outlet now optimizes use of its social channels, for example, while journalists, bloggers and influencers have become their own media outlets of sorts, continually pushing out original content. This means there are more opportunities than ever before for companies to get their message across.

Solely pushing out content in the social sphere or buying Facebook ads is no longer enough. To reach targeted audiences and raise brand image with increased credibility, companies need to rely on others to help spread their word. It’s all about relationship building and adding value to the communications agendas of others.

This not only includes social influencers, but the media as well. Newsfeeds, newspapers, magazines, TV and radio outlets can help your messages go viral, thanks to their extensive online presence and huge amount of original online content.

No matter who your target audience is, PR strategies need to incorporate multi-platform options to build relationships and start conversations.

Today, anyone can get a message out in seconds, but it’s the skilled communicators who are able to get credible third parties talking. Creativity is the key to cutting through the clutter and ensuring a message gets heard by those who need to hear it.