GBPR Launches North American-Wide Video Service

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Gail Bergman PR (GBPR) has announced the launch of a unique corporate video production service for clients across North America through our newly-formed association with up-and-coming, award-winning JnE Films.

“In today’s instantaneous ‘tell me what I need to know now’ world where people have shorter attention spans, businesses are increasingly turning to videos to tell their stories in a quick, concise way,” said Gail Bergman, GBPR president, adding that the firm’s new service is being launched in response to increased client demand.

“More and more companies are recognizing that video marketing is not only effective in increasing brand awareness, website traffic and social media shares, but also in boosting both SEO and lead generation success,” she said. “JnE Films is a young, uber-creative group of video producers with a fresh perspective who are successfully enabling our firm to help organizations accomplish just that.”

GBPR is a leading public relations agency specializing in media relations, social media marketing and communications in both the consumer and B2B markets across North America. JnE Films is a current video production firm specializing in standout productions designed to attract maximum audience attention and interest, from short video clips to lengthier features.

The combination of expertise of both GBPR and JnE Films provides clients with the valuable ability to incorporate video production as part and parcel of their branding, marketing and communications strategies to ensure maximum effectiveness, Bergman said.

“Working under the direction of GBPR, clients will benefit from a powerful mix of strategic, impactful messaging led by the PR team and creative, entertaining video content driven by the video crew,” said Ethan Godel, JnE Films president and winner of numerous awards, including the 2019 Canadian national CBC Short Film Face Off.

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